Baby Farts & Happy Hearts

Let’s get this party started! Whoop whoop! Raise the roof!

…but seriously…

Due to my neglectfulness absence over the past couple months, I realize there are many aspects of babyhood that have gone undocumented here as they should have been. Ooops. So I thought before we go any further I’d play a quick game Continue reading


Back In Action

For various reasons over the past couple months, I have abandoned my blog and blog family. I sincerely apologize. Really. I needed some time away and right now I’m at a point where I think it would be beneficial for me to return to you. I started this blog as a means of producing an honest portrayal of life during pregnancy, birth and the joys of becoming a parent. Well guess what? Parenthood is not all unicorn farts and rainbow colored glittered. Sometimes it’s hard, life is hard, and then there’s this WordPress app on my phone staring at me like a lost puppy because I have not braved a new blog post in far too long. Man, I rock.

I truly have missed you guys, your encouragement and stories. The blog will be getting an updated look in the next week or so with more routine posts for you to enjoy. While I use this blog for my therapy and outlet, I’ll also do my best to keep things upbeat and give you something to smile about.

So many things have happened over the past couple months since we last spoke so I will leave you with this tidbit of wisdom: if your baby is ever constipated or simply refuses to poop, load them in the carseat and jump on the interstate. Make sure you find a good stretch without any exits or rest stops. When you eventually come across an exit with 1 sketchy as hell Dairy Queen with more bars on the window than Oreos in its Blizzard, you’ll learn your kid has been screaming because he pooped an hour ago. All up the back. And the front. And the left. And then the right. And this Dairy Queen parking lot is now your changing table while homeless Joe ogles your one handed, dry heaving, diaper change routine. Shit happens.

Milk For Mommy

Who says just because you have a newborn you can’t make a late night milkshake run? Not this girl!


No Connor! You can’t have a Chick Fil A milkshake!

On another note–my weight loss seems to have stalled. It certainly is not my eating habits but I can’t put my finger on the culprit. Hmmm….


One Month Follow Up

Can you believe baby Connor is already a month old? We had our 1 month appointment today and he’s doing amazing! Lets check out his stats!

Length at birth: 18.5 inches
One month: 20.5 inches
Weight at birth: 5 pounds 15 ounces
Leaving hospital: 5 pounds 10 ounces
One month: 7 pounds 10 ounces

I’m so proud of my little weed! He’s still on the small side but we started small so we are doing very well for ourselves.

Connors personality is starting to shine through. He loves to laugh and actually has a very malicious chuckle. It cracks us up to hear it. Like he’s plotting his next poop attack. And he loves to be bundled in a thousand blankets. It could be 80 degrees in the house but if we have less than 3 blankets on this boy, we are in for a fight. I don’t get it.

And what kind of proud mom would I be if I didn’t share some squishy photos?



Seriously, what’s cuter than a little man in little shoes? I’m dying over here!


Products To Live By

Hidey ho there! I’ve been trying to post a new entry for quite some time now but little man has a knack for knowing when mommy has 2 free minutes and chooses to need me at just those moments. For now he’s half asleep, wanting so badly to wake up and see the world. So I have about 5 minutes to crank this out. Let’s go! Continue reading


And Baby Makes 3!

A long overdue post. And just as overdue as this post may be, I have just that much to update you with. Go grab the popcorn.

Short story: Our son joined the world on October 19th! His name is Connor Michael Bowen. We are so in love.

Long story: (caution, if you only want to see cuddly photos, keep scrolling. This is another brutally honest post.)
We went in for our 38 week appointment on the 18th. My blood pressure was high and still slowly climbing. My headaches had been getting worse and over the past 2 weeks I had been seeing spots in my vision. While sitting in the room waiting for not-my-doctor to arrive, I continued to have painful contractions as I had been all day. He walks in at the end of a particularly bad one and after looking at my chart, moves forward with my exam. Still 2 cm! For crying out loud! All these contractions and STILL no progress. After little discussion he announces that an induction would be in our best interest and for the baby. I was nearly 39 weeks and staying pregnant any longer with my hypertension was really pointless. Besides, I was having contractions and trying to pump him out. My body was just not getting the memo.

Panic attack. Seriously, I peed on the table.

We decided to wait to inform our families until after I was admitted and things were underway. Still having a panic attack. We honestly had no expectation of an induction and it was the one scenario we never discussed.

Pitocin started at 7pm and I took a mild painkiller as I have zero pain tolerance. Checked at 10:30 and still 2cm! The pain killer was actually blocking the contractions from getting closer together. So I tough it out a couple hours without pain meds and another check at 4am shows I’m finally … 3cm?! This is on track to be the slowest delivery in history.

With my history of contractions and all the stress, my muscles were completely tensed up and the pitocin was not able to do its job. Boo! Luckily my practice doesn’t have a limit on epidurals and I was able to get it at 3cm. We all hoped with a couple hours of sleep I’d be able to relax and we could start this whole process again in the morning. Epidural at 4:30am, went to sleep. Shift change is at 7:00 so the on call doc wakes me up at 6:30 to do another check. And all I hear is “honey, you’re complete!” In my foggy sleep like state I know I heard wrong so all I can get out is “English, please?” Next thing I know we are all getting prepped to start pushing out a baby! His head is only inches away and I’m wondering why we can’t just let him crawl out on his own. I’d been scared about delivery and heard so many horror stories but in all honesty I had enjoyed it up until this point. So needless to say I was a bit apprehensive about what was left to come.

At the doctors request we waited a bit to see if the urge to push would become stronger in between contractions but no luck. So at 9:30 Friday morning I started pushing with the help of my amazing nurses. And Gordon was my rock the whole time. We managed to keep the room calm and actually quite fun. Heck I was cracking jokes and the nurse had to ask me to stop so she could quit laughing and focus. Not at all like I had expected.

The doctor made it in at 10:00 and after 2 sets of pushes Connor emerged at 10:09am! Gordon watched he whole thing and cut the umbilical cord. He was laid on my chest and we made eye contact immediately. There is nothing in this world that can compare to those few moments. Keep looking, you won’t find anything I promise.

We noticed after several minutes that the hospital staff was still frantically working away. I could see the doctor stitching me up from a nasty tear but that was it. And then the nurses started manually contracting my uterus from the outside. And holy crap that was the most painful thing ever. So apparently my uterus wants to have contractions for 4 weeks straight but stop the second the kid comes out! Helloooo! We still have a placenta in there! So instead of sending the placenta out, I’m just laying there bleeding out for 40 minutes. The doctor managed to pull out my placenta but I’m still bleeding nonstop. Meanwhile I’m starting to feel the effects of losing so much blood because I can’t keep my eyes open, I had no clue what was going on and couldn’t focus on my husband or little baby. They finally decide not to wait any longer because I’m losing blood too fast. They wheeled me into the operating room for a D&C to remove a chunk of placenta still left inside me. Talk about scary as heck. And poor Gordon was left in the delivery room alone with Connor the whole time. I learned afterwards I was only gone and in the OR for about 20-30 minutes but I know it felt like a lifetime for him.

So the experience as a whole was a mixed bag. The labor and delivery was amazing. I would have 1,000 kids if I knew each delivery would be the same. I loved every moment of it and we had a blast welcoming our son into the world. It was the hours afterwards and the complications that came with the placenta and bleeding that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Recovery has been slow but ongoing. Nobody talks about how much post partum sucks! Well let me tell you…it sucks! The swelling, the bleeding, the stitches in my vagina!, the hormones, the lack of energy, the cramping and soreness…oh holy heck.

Our little family of 3 has been adjusting well and doing the best we can! Mommy and daddy are learning every day and Connor is so very patient with us. We make an amazing team!

Recap: Connor Michael Bowen was born on October 19, 2012 at 10:09am weighing 5lbs 15oz and 18.5 inches. He was estimated to be much bigger but we are suspicious that the knot tied in his umbilical cord may have had something to do with a lack of nutrients getting to him. But he is a picture of health! He’s passed his birthweight in less than 2 weeks and currently weighs 6lbs 3oz! I recommend babies to everyone. They are so worth all the effort and hard work. Every moment with him is magic! 🙂

Now for some photos of our squishy baby!!!







My Top Ten List

With our due date only 10 days away (insert expletive here) I’m desperately trying to keep myself distracted. Without much success. I’m totally over analyzing every single little thing and wondering “am I going into labor?! Is this a labor sign?!” Seriously, I think there’s GOT to be a foolproof tell all symptom that labor is on its way. This guesswork is for the birds.

For the past several weeks I’ve been living 3 days at a time. By that I mean the only way I could get from Monday to Thursday would be to tell myself “Thursday is out doctor appointment!” just to give myself a small goal. Then come Thursday I’d set another goal for 3 days after that. Like “Sunday is our baby shower!” But alas, living 3 days at a time just is NOT cutting it anymore. I want this baby here gosh darnit and I’m going crazy! Where’s my little man?!

Last night I decided to come up with a list of things to do or look forward to every day for the next 10 days. Yes, this will only get me through to due date and its possible I could go beyond that. But that’s a bridge I’ll have to cross when I get there my dears. Because frankly, I just cannot fathom that thought right now. The only rules for this list are that the things on it cannot have anything to do with baby. Which means I took the thank you cards off this list even though that’s a huge daunting task I really need to finish!

So I bring to you…”The 10 day baby distraction countdown list!” (In no particular order)

1. Make a batch of cookies from scratch
2. Finish the tombstones and coffin for our Halloween display this year.
3. Watch a Halloween movie.
4. Start searching the Black Friday ads and making our Christmas lists.
5. Play a video game (pick up Bioshock again? Or maybe Dance Central?)
6. Have a date night with popcorn and an old romance movie.
7. Listen to Christmas music all day.
8. Wash my car (it’s in desperate need)
9. Try a new restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to.
10. Work on my birthday list (I’ll explain this more in a future post)

There’s a couple things I’m already doing everyday which aren’t listed above. Like reading more of the Bible to help keep me focused and at peace. And walking! Tons of walking! I walk everyday at work (sometimes twice a day!) and every night in the neighborhood. Walk walk walk. Walk. …Walk. .. .. .. Walk.

Now that its midnight I can officially wish myself a happy 10 day countdown (give or take) and look forward to knocking some of these non baby things off my busy list. I’ll even try to post about them here for accountability purposes. And if I happen to go into labor tomorrow and I’m not able to finish the list? Well shoot. I guess life will go on, won’t it? 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone! May your day be blessed and blessings be many!