Diaper Milkshakes

Diaper Shakes!


Today we went to a baby shower for a very good couple friend of ours who is actually due 1 month before I am! I always like to make something a little fun and crafty to any shower I go to and for this one I chose diaper milkshakes. I have not made these before but I saw them on Pinterest a while back and wanted to give them a try. Needless to say I’m very happy with the way they turned out and I think they were a hit! Who doesn’t like milkshakes?

Materials & Cost

  1. Beverage carrier
  2. 4 plastic cups, dome lids and straws (for this and the carrier, just be nice to your local barista. Kindness can take you miles)
  3. Round labels I made in Paint/Word (free)
  4. Adhesive of your choice (in my stash)
  5. 4 diapers (I pulled 4 from our stash)
  6. 4 washcloths (brown for chocolate milkshakes, pink for strawberry, white for vanilla, etc.) ($4)
  7. 4 onesies ($10)
  8. 2 pairs of red newborn socks ($1 total…SALE!!!)

Let’s get started!

  1. I made some labels in Paint/Word and printed on cardstock. Then I cut the labels and glued them on the plastic cups to cover the Starbucks signage. Easy-peasy.

2. Fold a washcloth in half and lay a diaper on top. Begin to loosely roll the washcloth and diaper. When done, simply stuff the roll into the cup. You may need to spread out your washcloth to really fill the cup.

3. To make the cherry, roll one sock onto itself and flip the top over the bottom. Twist the top to make a stem.

4. For the whip cream, fold the snaps and sleeves of the onesie to the inside. After folding the onesie, roll it up and tuck the stem of the cherry into the center of the roll.

5. stuff the whip cream/cherry into a dome lid and snap the lid onto the cup. I also decided to snap some straws in half and stick into the top with the cherry. I think the beverage carrier is the perfect way to carry and present the shakes!

I love it! They turned out super cute and I absolutely love them. It’s different and fun, plus the parents get things they will actually need/use for the baby!

There are many little variations you could do to this project to make it your own. Have fun!




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