Flower Tower


Flower Tower

This is a Pinterest find but in all honesty I think mine came out slightly better than the Pinterest version. If I do say so myself…lol! Our yard has several “spots” that need love. Not just a one night stand but some serious, monogamous, head spinning love. One of the areas that bothers me most is a stretch of land down the left side by our entryway. Our house has a side door, not a front, and all guests have to pass this stretch of awkwardness just to get to the door.  I’ve tried several things in the past but nothing looks quite right. The prior owner had man eating azalea bushes that literally took over the sidewalk and simply didn’t fit. So they were taken out not long after we bought the house in 2010.

And now we have this…

Sexy, right? See that lovely mixture of red mulch and leaves? That’s leftover from a prior makeover attempt. And the little patch of plants at the far end were put in a couple weeks ago. So far, they’ve held up pretty well. This little guy here is one of the few things to live in this area. So I decided to replant him to a more worthy location…the base of the mailbox. Which left me with an empty patch of earth to add some interest.

The materials…

1. metal rod (rebar or whatever, I found a stake in the garage I used as a support for a Halloween prop last year.)

2. 1 8″ flower pt, 5 6″ pots. I chose to buy plastic pots for the 6″ ones simply because Home Depot was out of terra cotta ones. No rhyme or reason.

3. 6 small containers of flowers, I just chose something with color and at 99 cents each I couldn’t beat it.

4. hammer

5. spade

6. gloves

7. potting soil (not pictured)



Hammer the metal rod into the ground a good foot or so, enough to make it sturdy. Feed the rod through the hole in the bottom of your 8″ pot. Fill this pot with a couple scoops of soil and one of your flowers. Slide each of the smaller pots through your rod and tilt each at an angle.

Depending on where the holes are in the bottom of your pots, you may need to wiggle them one way or another to make them sit just right.

You can see my plastic pots have holes on the side rather than in the center. So my tilts aren’t very “tilty” but rather a little more off sides. I like the overall look though. You can really do whatever you want it. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not rocket science.












Place a flower in each pot and fill with soil. You can still spin the pots around at this point as they are easier to move when they are empty and light. Once all the pots are full and positioned the way you like, hammer the rod further into the ground, down just under the top of the first pot. This will keep your tower stable but the rod hidden from view.

And the final result….TADA!

Honestly, this project took less than 20 minutes including replanting the little puny bush. Keep in mind I also did this with a belly in my way so I moved a little slower than usual too. Easier than I imagined and for a grad total of $14 ($8 for the pots, $6 for the flowers, all other items I already had) this was a DIY project that was really worth the investment. It looks super cute in my little entryway and I’m just in love with it! Imagine a couple little flower bushes around this end of the pit and now we are really talkin!

Were you able to get any yard york or planting done this weekend? Most places had nice weather and we certainly soaked up our share of the sunshine! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and may your thumbs be ever the greener!

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